Where The Goodness Grows

Birds Eye veggies ripen in the field—not on the truck. See where our vegetables are grown.

Responsible Growing

Birds Eye encourages responsible growing. A family farmer explains how.

Three Generations of Farmers

At Paul Miller’s farm in Wisconsin, three generations of farmers grow Birds Eye vegetables.

Only the Best Beans

We pick and sell only the best beans. Learn how we choose the freshest green beans.

Freshness Locked in Fast

Our veggies are harvested at the height of their nutrition, and that freshness is locked in fast.

Quality You Can See

Every bag of Birds Eye vegetables begins with quality you can see. Take a peek!

Our Partners

  1. Birds Eye is a proud partner of Environmental Media Association’s “Green My School” program where celebrities visit their hometown school to plant and cultivate a garden, instilling the importance of plant-based nutrition and agriculture.

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  2. Did you know that half your plate should be filled with vegetables and fruits? Click to find more healthy eating tips. You can also track your diet, physical activity, and learn how to use all five food groups to build nutritious meals.

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  3. Join the Meatless Mondays movement! Our frozen veggies make it easy to eat meatless meals any day of the week. Explore dozens of simple yet hearty vegetarian recipes, and start meal planning today.

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