Our Roots

The story of Birds Eye begins with our founder, Clarence Birdseye.

Birdseye was an inventor and visionary who lived a life of adventure.

In the early 1900s, during his travels through what is now Northern Canada, he saw the Inuit use ice, wind, and temperature to instantly freeze just-caught fish. His curiosity piqued, Birdseye wondered if this method—called flash freezing—could also be applied to other foods.

After Birdseye returned from the Arctic, he developed a patented Quick Freeze Machine.

Freeze machine blueprints

During flash freezing, vegetables are frozen instantly. Their cell walls are not damaged, so the frozen veggies are nearly identical to fresh in nutrition and taste. Flavor, texture, and color are all preserved.

Frozen vegetables do have one big advantage over fresh veggies, however. They retain their nutrients during transport. Clarence Birdseye was instrumental in developing the freezer display cases you see in grocery stores.

And his company even leased refrigerated boxcars to distribute frozen foods, forever changing the way America eats.

Birds Eye Truck

Birds Eye products are found in major grocery stores across the country, in the freezer aisle.

Packets of vegtables

Clarence Birdseye was committed to creating the freshest frozen foods and making those foods available to everybody—values we still share today. Despite the wide availability of frozen foods, only 10% of Americans eat their recommended daily amount of vegetables. As the leader in frozen vegetables, Birds Eye is committed to closing the vegetable nutrition gap. We’re working to make it easier and more enjoyable to eat veggies, because eating more vegetables is the key to health.

Our Partners

  1. Birds Eye is a proud partner of Environmental Media Association’s “Green My School” program where celebrities visit their hometown school to plant and cultivate a garden, instilling the importance of plant-based nutrition and agriculture.

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  2. Did you know that half your plate should be filled with vegetables and fruits? Click to find more healthy eating tips. You can also track your diet, physical activity, and learn how to use all five food groups to build nutritious meals.

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  3. Join the Meatless Mondays movement! Our frozen veggies make it easy to eat meatless meals any day of the week. Explore dozens of simple yet hearty vegetarian recipes, and start meal planning today.

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