Fresh Factors

Yes, frozen vegetables are as nutritious as fresh vegetables. Here’s why.

Birds Eye vegetables are flash frozen within hours of harvest, locking in nutrients. In fresh vegetables, nutrients are lost in shipping and shelving.

As much as 40% of our food supply is discarded each year. Frozen foods last longer than fresh, so you use what you need.

Frozen vegetables are always in season, which makes nutritious meal planning a snap. Even better, our flash-frozen veggies taste as fresh as they did the moment they were picked.

Our veggies contain no artificial colors or artificial flavors. They are simply vegetables, flash frozen!

Birds Eye vegetables don’t contain preservatives. Cold temperature preserves the quality and nutrients.

Our veggies ripen in the field until they are picked at their peak, unlike many fresh vegetables that ripen on the way to the grocery store.

Birds Eye veggies are not processed. They are grown with care by real farmers.

When thinking about fresh vs. frozen vegetables, we hope you consider these fresh factors.

Our Partners

  1. Birds Eye is a proud partner of Environmental Media Association’s “Green My School” program where celebrities visit their hometown school to plant and cultivate a garden, instilling the importance of plant-based nutrition and agriculture.

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  3. Join the Meatless Mondays movement! Our frozen veggies make it easy to eat meatless meals any day of the week. Explore dozens of simple yet hearty vegetarian recipes, and start meal planning today.

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